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Helping businesses and individuals grow and transform

Our Pillars

We create new opportunities by re-igniting people’s openness to change. It may seem like a simple act, but there are so many barriers to transformation. The act of repurposing can be misconstrued, seen as combative, and generate conflict. We move past those misperceptions by focusing on three core values:


Deep listening builds a base for trust, understanding and ultimately, action


New mind thinking unleashes the pillars of the status quo


Values-based creation occurs when actions are taken and decisions are made by leaders who remain equal parts insider and outsider

Who We Are

A curated collective of business leaders, trailblazers, and futurists


Unleash new mind thinking


Conversations for rebels with a cause


Influence, impact, and innovation

Structured Mischief is a leading voice in designing for the future and conceptualizing with an innovation mindset. Taking curiosity to the next level, the “New Mind Thinking” approach blends brainstorming, listening, and actioning. Building comfortability with the unknown allows members to embrace complexity on the journey from seed to scale.

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