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This book delves into the power of challenging belief systems, the authenticity of deep listening, and how new mind thinking
is the future of work. Unleash right-brain thinking with left-brain approval and learn how the biggest ideas that have defined our time come to reality by structuring mischief.

“Get in trouble – good trouble.”

John Lewis

About the Author

David Jensen is the ultimate outsider insider. As both a trained building architect who constructs multimedia experiences and a startup founder who leads corporate strategy, Jensen has created a niche as a right-brain thinker in left-brain cultures. This book constitutes David’s philosophies surrounding the secret weapons that allow creatives to get unstuck and achieve success.

Jensen began his career working with architects Richard Meier and Zaha Hadid. Taking that experience merging creativity with specificity, David worked with Razorfish to pioneer foundational interactive television platform technology. He then founded 12th Street Jam (sold to Yahoo) and was the co-founder of Zetools Inc. (sold to Ericsson). From his early startup experience, Jensen worked with Fortune100 companies in corporate innovation leading Total Experience for Monitor Doblin and launching the Ernst & Young wavespace.
Jensen has served on a number of boards as an advisor on strategic growth and new business including the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Filmforum, FreeSpeechTV, Lambda Literary and Arts, AIDS United, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. David holds a Masters of Architecture from Harvard University, Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Science from the College of Architecture, University of Houston, and holds Advanced Leadership Certification from Harvard Business School.
A frequent global traveler, you can find David somewhere in between Silicon Beach, Roundabout Alley and Valley.
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