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At Structured Mischief, we help businesses and individuals grow and transform

As a team, we continually challenge the status quo, shatter calcified thinking, and interrupt thought patterns that keep us in a stuck place.

Let's Journey Together

Raw Talent

Innate Genius

Focused Organization

The most powerful, and least celebrated, part of the founder’s journey to turn any idea into our reality is actioning perspective mixed with continued curiosity.

Exploring every “what if” and organizing those sparks to operational success is what fuels us.

Our team is committed to ideas of complexity that, when iterated to perfection, shape a future that was previously unimagined. Led by David Jensen, this global community is a curated collective of business leaders, trailblazers, and futurists.


Structured Mischief


David Jensen

David has been confronting the predictable and pursuing change his entire life. Fascinated by ideas, he has spent his career listening to people’s stories and designing engaging experiences with them. He applies his deep knowledge of innovation to develop strategies for growing businesses and expanding markets. Working at the intersection of innovation and technology, David excels at fomenting mischief, then structuring it into a successful enterprise.


Big Answers

Big Answers, led by Brickson Diamond, generates new partnerships and leverages impactful connections in order to successfully execute its clients’ diversity and inclusion objectives. They access diverse innovative thinkers, sector leaders and storytellers who bring critical perspective, new audiences and impact an organization’s bottom line. Big Answers not only uncovers exceptional talent, but widens strategic vision so that leaders can see talent hiding in plain sight and maximize contributions for long-term value.


Talent Innovation

Carl Smith, founder of Talent Innovation, empowers individuals and teams to achieve Life Fulfillment and Career Success. Smith has a powerful combination of skills & experience with 30+ years in global Leadership roles (CEO, COO, CHRO, Partner), as a Management Consultant, and holds a Psychology degree. A licensed therapist and executive Coach (CPCC), clients value Carl’s empathy, candor, insightful perspectives. Through a blend of coaching, consulting, and business acumen, Smith empowers individuals to maximize potential and insight.


Anima Consulting Co.

Anima is a consulting and coaching firm focused on innovation, culture, and organizational performance. They are led by Ash Robinson, who has 15 years experience making positive impact through human-centered solutions to leadership development, team performance, culture, innovation, and experience design. Merging management consulting rigor with the science of human performance, Anima helps companies seize a future that is uniquely human.


Structured Mischief founder David Jensen is a leading voice in designing for the future and conceptualizing with an innovation mindset. A frequent speaker, podcast host, and panelist, David has expertise in guiding concepts to roadmaps and crafting theoretical conversations into tangible outcomes.

See Us in Action

Igniting Growth Through Innovation 0:55

David Jensen discusses the changing role of innovation in business during the EY Igniting growth through innovation event, April, 27 2015.

Disruptive Trends Driving Innovation


David Jensen discusses three key megatrends after EY’s Igniting growth through innovation event, April 27, 2015.

Technology vs



The ripple effect of a technological revolution represents a fundamental shift that alters the way businesses operate, opening up unique opportunities beyond sector boundaries. Industry is now converging.

Innovation Realized Panel


EY’s Jeff Wong and David Jensen are joined live in San Francisco by Kris Duggan of Betterworks, Professor Hal Gregerson at MIT and Avinash Rao, April 25, 2017.