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Structured Mischief

Conversations for rebels with a cause.

Hosted by David Jensen & Cecily Chambers


Inspired by creatives of all kinds who think outside of their industry box, Structured Mischief inspires people to get “unstuck” using critical and creative thinking to bridge the world of business and self-awareness. Championed by an early pioneer of “Design Thinking” in the workplace, Structured Mischief dissects innovation at its core: how does something go from a radical idea to a revolutionary action?

Whether you’re making a fort with the sofa cushions to defend against evil monsters or you’re building a manufacturing plant with no carbon footprint, every venture starts with a mission. Structured Mischief explores communities and causes built around curiosity, creativity, and coming together to build something new.

Inspired by new mind thinkers of all walks of life who aspire to remain “unstuck,” Structured Mischief inspires people to use critical and creative thinking to bring their authentic selves to every journey.

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David Jensen

As the founder of Structured Mischief partnering, podcasting and publishing, David Jensen is a rebel with a cause. A trained architect, visual artist, screenwriter and producer, DJ is regarded as one of the early-day innovators of digital media. He is an early champion of design thinking and has provided a value-add perspective in every environment from start-up garages to corporate boardrooms. He has created a niche as a right-brain thinker in left-brain cultures.

Cecily Chambers

Cecily is the founder and owner of FORM Artists Inc., a woman-owned and operated agency based in Venice Beach representing photographers, directors, art directors and creative directors in the entertainment, advertising, editorial and music worlds. She was born and raised in Los Angeles by two TV-writing parents, who encouraged her to paint on the living room walls, roller-skate throughout the house, and choose her own outfits starting in pre-school.

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